High $5 - How it Works

Never Pay More Than $5!

On Friday we fill our bins!

Everything is $5 Friday and Saturday. On Sunday everything is $4 and on Monday everything is $3. On Tuesday, $2 and on Wednesday everything is $1.

Thursday is "Mystery Pricing" day — don't even ask, it's a mystery.

  • FRIDAY 10am-7pm
  • SATURDAY 10am-7pm
  • SUNDAY 11am-4pm
  • MONDAY 10am-7pm
  • TUESDAY 10am-7pm
  • WEDNESDAY 10am-7pm
  • THURSDAY 10am-3pm

You never know what you'll find in our bins.

What a great crowd for our Friday restock!

A big part of our business is providing as many great $5 values as we can. In order to keep doing this we need you guys to help by being respectful to the business. We ask that you DO NOT OPEN ITEMS AT THE BINS and use the provided TEST STATIONS to check your items and not destroy them. ...

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Whole Pallets from a different major retailer will be available to purchase from time to time. These are whole pallet purchases as is! ...

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We have some great deals for you guys, the best days are called RE STOCK day's Friday's AND Saturday's when we fill our bins for the week. Everything on RE STOCK day's is only $5 bucks for members or $7 per item non members. After Saturday we reduce the price a buck a day until Thursday when we choose the price of the day. ...

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